an ekologik landscape innovation

an orange experience


iIn the South of Spain, in Andalusia

With over 3.000 hours of sunshine per year

With 18ºC of average annual temperature

Less than 30 kms from Costa de la Luz

Our environment is integrated into the European ecological network Natura 2000, as part of an extensive area of biodiversity conservation. In the ecosystems and habitats that make up our landscape we can enjoy a wide range of natural species of high ecological value. A favorable climate and an extensive system of environmental adapted production make our region an excellent place for the practice of ecological agriculture and livestock.

As an example of the full harmony with the environment, the region's meadows shape an unique ecosystem, a natural, while humanized landscape. Agricultural and livestock production coexist in mutual respect with a rich flora and fauna.

Citrus production coexists with extensive livestock farming. Iberian pigs, cows, sheeps and goats graze freely in extensive meadows, which allow us to obtain an ecological livestock production of the highest quality.


The harvesting

The harvesting is carried out waiting for the optimum timing for ripening the fruit. Expert and professional hands collect oranges one by one and prepare them with the utmost care to be packed and transported to the most demanding markets.

Organic production

Our farming techniques exclude the use of synthetic chemicals like fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides, in order to preserve the environment and provide healthy oranges with all their natural properties.

Innovation and tradition

Our citrus farms' major commitment  lies in combining innovation and the use of new technologies with the traditional management and care transmitted from generation to generation. As a result of this coexistence between innovation and tradition we obtain an ecological fruit of the highest quality and environmentally conscious.


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